Mimi ni Mombasa Campaign

In the recent past Mombasa has had great challenge with solid waste. The famous dumpsite Kibarani (now restored) had been the thorn of the City and received world – wide recognition for its pungent smell, burning and smoke along the Makupa course way causing heavy pollution to pedestrians and motorists. These scenarios were replicated in all streets and house- holds in Mombasa.

The County generates about 13 metric tons of solid waste a day but only 25 % of this is being collected and kept and the designated dumpsite. The 75% is left un-attended. However the problem really is not the inability of the county to manage waste, it’s the mindset of the residents who make poor choices in handling, managing and throwing waste.

We have created short videos (1 – 3 mins) targeting the mindset of the residents on ow they interact with solid waste. The videos are shared on our social media platforms;

Mimi ni Mombasa Campaign
Mimi ni Mombasa Campaign
Environment degradation and climate change

Donations are can be done by anyone with interest at heart for climate change and degradation of our beautiful surroundings.

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