Inter-Universities Climate Talk

Inter-Universities Climate Talk: One group that is constantly left out in the discussion on climate change are the students. Many programs are held during week days when they are in school.

Over 67,000 students are admitted in the Public universities each year, bringing to a total population of about 300,000 students who are directly sponsored by the government. Another unknown number is with the private universities and self-sponsored students.

We partner with different universities to hold between 1 – 3 days climate discussions meetings of about 100 – 200 students per meeting. The objective is to sensitize help them realize that they are better placed with their different professions to create and design solutions to combat climate change. Meetings are held once per year but we want to scale them to 3 per year and reach our target of training 600. The trained student are then required to replicate the same in their universities through their environment clubs and unions.

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Environment degradation and climate change

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