Family tree initiative

The forest cover in Kenya is less than the recommended of 10%. In this regard we launched the family tree initiative (FTI) which targets each family member to not only plant a tree but also nurture it. This campaign focuses on mangroves the gazetted forest in Mombasa where 80% of it is depleted. To provide alternative livelihood and nutrition FTI also incorporates fruit trees such as avocado, Guava, pawpaw’s, Mangoes, Cashew nuts and passion. These trees are distributed to individuals for planting in gardens.

FTI has already contributed to the planting of 8,000 mangroves in partnership with other stakeholders.

The campaign is looking to achieve a target of 100,000 mangroves, 10,000 fruit trees and 30,000 other terrestrial trees by the end of 3 years.

Support this campaign by donating any of the trees. Each mangroves 2 USD, Fruit tree 6 USD and others 1 USD.

Environment degradation and climate change
Afforestation in Kenya
Environment degradation and climate change

Donations are can be done by anyone with interest at heart for climate change and degradation of our beautiful surroundings.

We have provided M-pesa Paybill No and pay pal services for easy, secure and reliable donations

Donations are essential to the work of CESUD-KE .  Please consider donating so we can continue our conservation efforts

Your donation will go towards the highest priority project at any given time to ensure that our projects are completed effectively and efficiently. 

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